Talmud || תַּלְמוּד בָּבְלִי וִירוּשַׁלְמִי || Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmud

  • רב אשי gathered all material of תורה שבעל פה   (such as ברייתות and of course the משנה) and compiled it sometime around 499 C. E.
  • He had four goals:
    1. To explain the משנה;
    2. To render a פסק הלכה  on the דינים in the משנה;
    3. To record גזרות  and תקנות, and to record new applications of the laws of theמשנה ; and
    4. To record דברי אגדה (homiletic material).

Post Talmudic Period

The סבוראים:

  • They are the Babylonian תלמידי חכמים who lived at the end of the era of the amoraim and before the Geonim.
  • They lived around  the years 499 C.E. until 689 C.E.- approximately six generations.
  • The term סבורים  comes from תלמיד ירושלמי, and it means a scholar competent to give decisions.
  • Scholars say סבורים did 4 things during their era:
  • they arranged the order of the תלמוד
  • they resolved remaining disputes from the era of the amoraim that were unsettled;
  • they introduced additional discussions and applications to existing texts; and
  • created a technical guide of phrases to facilitate the study of texts.