5 פרשת חיי שרה

Abraham and Isaac mourn the death of Sarah (Genesis 23:2)

Burial Place
Abraham talks of Sarah’s burial place at Machpelah (Genesis 23:6)

אליעזר Finds A Wife For יצחק

Abraham Sends Eliezer
Abraham sends Eliezer to find Isaac a wife (Genesis 24:4)

Eliezer Asks for Rebekah
Eliezer asks Rebekah's parents to let her become Isaac's wife (Genesis 24:17)

Eliezer Meets Rebekah
Eliezer prays to God and then meets Rebekah at the well (Genesis 24:18)

Rebekah Will Go
Rebekah determines to go with Eliezer to be Isaac’s wife (Genesis 24:58)

Isaac Meets Rebekah
Isaac meets Rebekah for the first time (Genesis 24:64)